About Me

Your experience will be floored with enjoyment and intense passion from head to toe while we naturally find our rhythm. For me, going with the flow is the best way to be.  Allow the vibe and sensation in the air to set yourself  free into the heated moment with an unyielding, devouring fire that will ignite us in euphoric bliss and harmony. Let's venture to new heights and see how far it will lead us - between us something new will be discovered each time, but every great adventure begins with a step. I'll give you an experience you won't forget and a service that leaves you feeling quite nice and content......

Sabrina Secks DC 022_LC.jpg

Height: 5'5"
Hair Color: Long Blond
Eye Color:  Blue/Green
34B 22" 33" 
Age: 20's
Shoe size: 7 US

Sabrina Secks DC 011_L.jpg

I have experience as a domme;  I enjoy light BDSM and some bondage if the mood strikes. I am more submissive by nature, although I enjoy a mutual power exchange.  Your ideas are always welcome.  I am quite fetish friendly and somewhat kinky. Not too hardcore and just a bit wild without the crazy! I'm unlike any other lady you will have or experienced.  I'm willing to try many things;  I know my boundaries and would enjoy exploring yours as well - whatever they may be. We are consenting adults and everything is kept in strict confidence between us.! 

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